Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sweet Memories

We blessed Molly today. It was such a sweet and special day. I was worried I was going to be an emotional wreck but I held it together. It was so awesome being surrounded by friends and family. I thought I would share a sweet little experience from the day. Chase did a wonderful job with her blessing and I felt at peace while he talked. After the meeting, as we were all walking out the door I was stopped by my bishop. He told me that while Chase was talking and said he blessed that she would be able to overcome and fight off any infections and illnesses, Molly opened her eyes and smiled. This melted my heart. I know that she will get sick eventually and it will probably get scary at times. But this little memory will be with me always and help me get through the burden of having to watch her fight. She is strong. She is a fighter. And she know's it.

Many people asked me who she looked like today. I think she mostly looks like Kael with touches of Claire. Here are some comparisons..... You be the judge.

 Molly's Birthday

 Claire's Birthday

Kael's Birthday

Molly One Week

Claire One Week

Kael One Week

 Molly's First Bath
Claire's Firtst Bath

Kael's First Bath
Molly One Month
Claire One Month
 Kael One Month
Kael's Blessing 2008

Claire's Blessing 2010

Molly's Blessing 2013

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